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Injunctions on masturbation and ways to avoid it

Injunctions on masturbation and ways to avoid it


I have a question, I’m shy to ask it. A sister converted to Islam. He wants to know the answer to the question. I do not know the answer to this question based on the evidence of Quran and Hadith. I hope you will help us. I pray to Allah to forgive me if my question is indecent. But, as Muslims, we should not be ashamed of seeking knowledge.

The sister’s question is – Is masturbation permissible in Islam?

the answer

One. Kareem in the Quran:

Ibn Katheer (RA) said: that Imam Shafi’i and all those who agreed with him gave evidence for the prohibition of masturbation with this verse. The meaning of the verse is-

“And those who guard their genitals. except their wives or owned maids; In this case (in the case of wives and maidservants) surely they are not condemned. Those who desire anything other than that are the transgressors.” [Surat al-Muminun, verses 5-6]

Imam Shafi’i says in the chapter on Nikah: The verse is clear about the prohibition of anyone other than the wife and the maidservant by referring to ‘guarding the private parts against anyone other than the wife or the maidservant’. Even then, emphasizing the verse, Allah Ta’ala says (intentionally): “Those who desire anything beyond this are the transgressors.” Therefore, it is not permissible to use the penis in any case other than as a wife or maidservant, and masturbation is also not permissible. Allah knows best.

Some scholars give evidence with this verse: “Let those who are not capable of marriage adopt restraint until Allah relieves them of want by His grace.” [Surah Noor, Verse: 33] In this verse, restraint is claimed to be ordered – everything else. To be patient.

Two. Sunnah:

Scholars provide evidence in this regard with the hadith of Abdullah bin Mas’ud (ra), who said: We were among the youths who had nothing with the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Then the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: O young people! Whoever among you has the باعة (to bear the marriage expenses and the physical ability) should marry. Because it helps to keep her gaze downwards and protect her private parts. And whoever cannot afford marriage, let him fast. Because it is an aphrodisiac.” [Sahih Bukhari (5066)]

Shari’ah authors have advised fasting despite hardships if unable to marry. Did not suggest masturbation. Although the urge to masturbate is high, masturbating is easier than fasting. But moreover, he did not give that permission.

There are many other documents in this Masala. We consider it sufficient to refer to these documents.

Here are some tips and steps on how a person who indulges in masturbation can get rid of it:

1. The motivation to escape from this habit should be to obey Allah’s commands and refrain from disobeying Him.

2. The permanent solution is to prevent this habit through marriage. Because this was the advice of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) to the youth.

3. Stay away from various negative thoughts and bad thoughts. Keeping oneself busy with the welfare of the world or the hereafter. Because when negative thinking is allowed to grow, it eventually leads to action. At the final stage, it goes out of control and becomes a habit. Then it becomes difficult to get rid of it.

4. Keep your eyes down. Because looking at a person or an obscene image, be it of a living person or a painting, the unfettered gaze leads one to the haram. This is why Allah Ta’ala said: “Say to the believers, let them lower their gaze” [Surah Noor, Verse: 30] The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “You shall not give gaze after gaze” [Sunan Tirmidhi (2777), Al-Albani hadith ‘ Hasan’ said] So the first glance, which falls suddenly, is not sinful, but the second glance is haram. In addition, it is recommended to stay away from places where sexual arousal materials exist.

5. Being busy in various worships. Leaving no leisure time for committing sins.

6. Learning from the physical damage caused by such bad habits. For example – weakness of eyesight and nerves, weakness of reproductive organs, pain in the spine, etc. Likewise various emotional damages; Such as anxiety-anxiety, emotional distress. A greater loss is the loss of prayer. Because repeated bathing is required, which is difficult to do. Especially on winter nights. Similarly breaking the fast.

7. Eliminating misconceptions. Some young people think this bad practice is permissible, pretending to protect themselves from adultery and homosexuality. But maybe that young man is not likely to be close to adultery and homosexuality.

8. Protect yourself with strong will and strong decisions. Don’t give in to Satan. not being lonely; Like spending the night alone. In the hadith, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) forbade a man to spend the night alone.

9. Adopting the remedies prescribed by the Prophet ﷺ; That is – fasting. Because fasting soothes sexual excitement and refines sexual desire. Beware of strange behavior with it; For example, swearing or vowing not to masturbate again. Because if one does it again, that person will be regarded as a seasoned-oath-breaker. Likewise not taking aphrodisiac drugs. Because there are physical risks in consuming these medicines. Moreover, the hadith prohibits the consumption of anything that destroys sexual excitement.

10. Adhering to Islamic etiquette while sleeping. Such as reading prayers for sleeping, sleeping on the right side, and not sleeping on the stomach; Since the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Sallam forbids it.

11. Endow yourself with the virtues of patience and restraint. Because it is obligatory upon us to be patient from haram acts; Although some of us need to do them. We should know that if we try to restrain ourselves then eventually it will become an integral part of the person. Because the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: “Whoever practices restraint, Allah will make him restrained, whoever tries to be impatient, Allah will make him impatient, and whoever tries to be patient, Allah will make him patient. No man has been given a greater and more beneficial gift than patience.” [Sahih Bukhari (1469)]

12. If one commits this sin, he should immediately repent, seek forgiveness, do good deeds, and not despair of forgiveness. Because this sin is a poet’s sin.

13. Finally, without a doubt, worshiping Allah, supplicating Him through Dua, and asking Him for help is the greatest way to avoid this bad habit. Because Allah Taala responds to the call of the supplicant. Allah knows best.

14. Masturbation weakens sperm-producing hormones. And seeing masturbation mental problems and many problems. And human knowledge decreases. Not everyone masturbates.


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